Thursday 3 April 2014

Alice and the Rabbit (I). Colouring Hair with Copic Markers

Hi there!

Today I came with something new. A tutorial, that is right! It is Copic colouring, but is new, because I have never done one before. In the process of doing it, I have already realised of things that I can improve the next time, but if you have any comments, please! don't hesitate on making them!

For doing this step by step colouring I used one of the new and fun digital images from Ditzie Digi Designs, Alice and the Rabbit, and Copic Markers, like the ones you can find at That Craft Place.

Hope you enjoy this :)

For colouring this image I will consider that the light is coming from the top right corner.
When colouring hair, I always start with my lightest colour, in this case E50, trying to make thin strokes with the brush tip in the direction of the hair. I normally colour all over the hair, excluding the parts where I want the light to be.

Next, I use the following light colour and repeat the same process.

Then, I take the next colour, in this case E55, and repeat the process mainly focusing on the parts where I want the shadows to be.

And then, I use my darkest colour, E57, to colour the shadows and parts of the hair that are behind or I want to highlight (like the curl in the right side).

Now that I have already mapped all my colours in the hair, I repeat all the process. So, first, I colour all the hair with my lighter colour, E50, this time I will cover the light areas that I excluded the first time. I try to make sure that I go all aver the hair, this way I will blend all the first layer together and the hair will give a sensation of uniformity.

Now I go back with my second lighter, E53, and slightly extend the area that I had coloured before. Remember to always use light strokes in the direction of the hair growth. 

Finally, I apply my darkest colours, E55 and E57, in the area where I want the shadows to be. 

And this is how Alice hair looks like. 

Look! Doesn't this look cool?!

If you want to see how it continues I will be coming back tomorrow with some more. 

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  1. Fantastic tutorial, Aurora! This will be useful for anyone no matter what markers they use! xx

  2. wonderful tutorial hope you will be doing others xx

  3. Genial el tutorial y fácil de entender, gracias.