Thursday 23 February 2017

Fabric Book Mark

Hi there!

Today I came to show you my last project as GD at A Day For Daisies. Since the first time I saw this image, I knew I wanted to make a bookmark for my little flower, but she is still a bit young and anything made out of paper in her small hands, doesn't last very long. Therefore, after thinking a bit about this project, I decided to make a fabric bookmark, more resistant than paper and washable.

Hope you like it =) 

In this project: Digital stamp "Book Time" from A day for Daisies.
For this project I transfered the image onto fabric using Mod Podge.
That is, I printed the stamp on a shet of paper, cut it out and covered the image with Mod Podge.
Then, placed the paper on top of a piece of cream fabric and let it out to dry for 24h.
Finally I gently removed the paper using a wet cloth and rubbing with my fingers.
When the fabric was dry, I was ready to start colouring.
Finally, after the colouring was done, I covered with Mod Podge again to make it water resistant.

Image coloured with Copic markers.


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