Sunday 12 June 2016

Denim ATC Folders Lining Tutorial

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Well, you may have notice that I haven't been posting with 613 Avenue Create lately, the think is like with the others, life responsibilities are making me step down of all my DT's but still, I wanted to post a last tie with my DT mates on Team B and the day has come. It was a pleasure for me to get to know that bunch of talented ladies always ready to have fun. I wish them all the best.

For my last post I made some ATC folders lined with denim fabric, upcycled from old jeans. I did this before with some diary or notebook and got a lot of questions on how I had done it, so... this time I thought I try and take some pictures of the process.

I hope you like it :)

Picture of the finished folders just in case you want to finish reading here :) 
To decorate I used Prima fabric flowers, chipboard letters, metallic corners, 
fabric paint, gesso and stencils.

For lining this folders I used the leg of some old jeans. 
I cut it open and draw around the folder for knowing the fabric that I needed. 
Than I prepared the fabric by adding some iron-on double side adhesive on paper carrier, 
like Bondaweb or whichever is the brand that you use. 
This is the time of adhesive used in patchwork for fabric appliqué.

Then I lined the folder in the same way that I would have done if I were using paper, 
only that I used my iron to stick it on instead of using double tape or glue.

And this is the look of the folder lined with the denim.

Then I made the inside look nicer by sticking some paper to cover the fabric sides. 
I also stitched a back pocket from the trousers to put 
those few ATCs that do not fit on the regular pockets.

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